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My exclusive CLOSE© Sales Program teaches comfort advisors and selling technicians how to HELP customers acquire a new comfort system. 

And, for your service and maintenance department, the Communication Excellence for Technicians© for increased leads, accessory sales and maintenance agreement growth.  

CLOSE© Sales Program -

This two-day sales class using my exclusive CLOSE©  sales process WILL increase sales.  My program is proven to help your  comfort advisors and selling technicians not only sell more but to sell  up to higher efficiency products as well.  Also, IAQ and accessory items  are included more often by those using this proven process. 

The CLOSE© Sales Program teaches how to help customers by showing how to Connect with the customer, care about the customer’s Life, Offer Solutions and Encourage the customer to make decisions based on their own convictions. 

They  will learn how to educate the customer so they have the ability to make  the right decision for their family.  Your comfort advisors and selling  techs will also learn what questions to ask and how to respond to the  answer the customer gives.  And, how and when to close and how to handle objections.  Your company is the best choice  for your customer and doing business with anyone else would be the  wrong choice for their family.  I will help your selling staff  communicate this fact and gain more customers trust and business. 

Communication Excellence for Technicians©

– Increase leads, accessory sales and maintenance agreement growth. 

This one-day Communication Excellence for Technicians©  class teaches technicians how to detect opportunities for replacement,  accessories and maintenance agreements.  This program teaches good  customer service skills to technicians so they impress and create  customers for life.  Successful technicians interact with customers and  provide solutions that help customers be comfortable, safe, healthy and  save money.  And, when they ask “Solution-Based” questions their  customers will buy from them. 

Do  you need more well qualified leads from your technicians?  A tech lead  closes at a much higher rate then marketed leads.  Most technicians are  creating leads on one out of 20 service visits when they have  opportunities on 2 out of 5 visits on average.  A well trained  technician will bring in a lead for 1 of those 2 opportunities which  means one lead per day on average.  If a dealer has three technicians  creating one “easy to close” lead per day they would have more leads  than they can handle.  And, if they run all those leads they would have  more sales then their installers can install.  What a great set of  problems! 

Call now to find out more.   I’ll explain how my one and two-day programs will motivate and  encourage your team to success.  I have worked with hundreds of heating  and air conditioning companies to help them increase sales and grow  their companies.  And, I can help you too. 

Business  owners find themselves struggling everyday to motivate their people to  reach company goals.  Managers are under pressure, not only to reach  company goals but to develop employees and offer guidance on how to  achieve their goals.   Tough thing is that many of these owners and managers are struggling to  get the job done and are seeking help and advice on how to do it better…  how to take the company to the next level… how to motivate the team to  help them get there.  If this is you, we can help!

Mike  Treas will teach your staff to create retail leads daily.  He will  develop sales representatives that close most of the time.  And, create  interest in value added items and services.  He will help you develop  a selling culture throughout your company that will allow you to achieve  the goals and dreams only a few ever reach. 

Mike's philosophy centers on relationships.  Both internal and external  relationships that build synergy throughout your organization and build a  customer base of loyal dedicated patrons.  Imagine having employees  that know they have a rewarding career with your organization, not just a  job.  And, customers who refer you day in and day out.

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