Bio and Testimonials

Mike  brings experience in the contracting industry as a sales manager and  comfort advisor for one of the largest and well respected residential  heating and air conditioning contractors in the United States. He has personally worked with over 150 contracting companies across North  America conducting training and consulting in the areas of sales, sales  management, business management, customer service and technician  training. His background  consists of over 20 years in sales and sales management bringing you  experience and knowledge of techniques and strategies proven in the  contracting industry to increase sales and employee retention resulting  in profits to your bottom line.

Here is what just a few of his program attendees have to say: 



“Excellent presentation. Knowledgeable instructor. I believe it will make me more successful.” - Chuck Armstrong, Greenville, SC


“This was the best program I have gone through! Mike, you were great.” - Lesa Simmons, Hilton Head, SC 

“Mike did an awesome job. Very pleased with his presentation of the materials.” - Dawn Caldwell, Melbourne, FL 

“Fabulous!” - Crystal Hardin, Raleigh, NC 

“Mike was fabulous. Truly, honestly, genuinely concerned about us as individuals. Wanted us to truly learn. Loves his job!” - Troy Holtmann, Salt Lake City, UT 

“Mike Treas really knows what he’s talking about and presented information in a way that was very understandable. Thank you!” - Laurie Bish, Greenville, SC 

“Mike was a great instructor. Emphasized all the major aspects of the program. Was very easy to listen to and always keeps your attention.” - Gary Poole, Elk Grove, CA 

“Instruction took someone like me with very limited knowledge and gave me a foundation to base my techniques.”  - Ryan Rasmussen, Salt Lake City, UT 

“Mike has been very insightful and I know that what was learned here will help me immensely.” - Sean Jenks, MosesLake, WA 

“There is a ton of useful information in a short period of time. As  a person with only 30 days of sales experience, with only 4 days of  riding on calls, I can’t stress enough how great this experience has  been.” - Bill Cap, Dallas, TX 

“I have been through over $20,000 worth of sales training in the past 5 years from beginners to advanced. This was one of the most well designed and the best presented seminar I’ve participated in. Hooray for roleplay!” - Susan Neely, Broken Arrow, OK 

“Excellent program. Mike is a fantastic facilitator!” - Mel Oliva, Omaha, NE 

“Mike kept the class interested. He  has a great style, very friendly, kept the class under control and  offered himself to anyone after class for additional training. I would highly recommend anyone to Mike’s class.” - Rick Peterson, Pittsfield, MA


“Mike did an excellent job!” - Paul Pujol, West Chester, PA 

“Mike knows the process extremely well and was a good teacher.”  - Bob Gress, West Chester, PA 

“Mike was a great help in fulfilling my needs. Made class not so boring.” - Chris Crocetta, Gloversville, NY 

“Very good. Found Mike to be very knowledgeable and easy to follow. Definitely one of the better sales classes I have been to!” - Marc Gladding, Scotia, NY 

“This was the best training program I have been to because of the amount of individual participation.” - Matt Flitton, Ogden, UT 

“Mike was very helpful, got everybody involved in the seminar and allowed each individual to share ideas. He just didn’t dictate what was learned these past 3 days.”  - Jon Erickson, MosesLake, WA 

“Best class I’ve attended. Real information that I can put to use today.” - Frank Terry, Roanoke, VA