Increase Leads Increase Sales Increase Customer Retention Increase Employee Retention


No one gets the things they want by sitting around waiting for those things to magically appear. Successful people create and grow successful businesses through hard work and smart decisions. Investing  in your employee’s education increases their knowledge and develops  their creativity which helps you grow your business. When  you have educated employees they become empowered to be creative and  make smart decisions to help you run your business profitably and grow  the way you want to grow.

Imagine  having a team of dedicated associates all devoted to the organization  you created where they have a career, not just a job. Mike Treas has helped create this culture at service companies all across North America and he can help you do the same in your company. Invest  in yourself and your employees and create lifelong career associates  that help you achieve the success you started your business for in the  first place. 

Whether it is success, growth or just to be more profitable, Mike can help you get there. He’ll  help you set up a profitable Maintenance Agreement program to add huge  sales dollars to each department and level out your yearly revenue. Mike will also teach your field staff how to talk with customers to educate them on all the things you offer. This  will increase service sales, accessory and indoor air quality sales  and, most importantly, increase replacement lead generation.

Once Mike works with your replacement sales people they will close most of their sales. Imagine closing most of the leads your sales people run. The increase in the overall sales dollars is staggering. And, you will see an increase in indoor air quality and accessory items as well. If your sales staff are selling mostly 13 SEER then you need Mike A.S.A.P.! If your closing percentages are below 50% you are not taking care of customers. You  are allowing most of your customers to start a relationship with  someone else and you lose this sale and their business for life. CALL MIKE TODAY!

Does every employee in your company understand their role in customer service? Do you know that most customers leave a service organization because of poor customer service? We’re not just talking about the people who answer the phone. Your entire organization is responsible for quality customer service. Everyone  must be customer focused and Mike can help create a customer focused  team that will “WOW” each and every customer they touch.

Call Mike today and set up a free phone consultation or to schedule a training session for your team. Mike’s time is limited so call today to insure a time that works for you. 

Don’t  get to the end of another season and say to yourself “we need to call  Mike and get him in here to help us stop losing so much money.” Call  today and start keeping customers, making more sales, growing dedicated  employees and seeing the success you want and deserve.