HVAC Contractors


Comfort Advisors

50% or higher closing.

$6,000+ Average Sale.

IAQ and Accessories Products on 50% or more sales.

$800,000 - $1.2+ million sales per year.

Service and Maintenance Technicians

1 out of every 20 calls results in a replacement lead.

Over 75% closing on replacement proposals.

$5000+ Average Replacement Sale.

$200+ Average Ticket.

Over 50% closing on Maintenance Agreements.

Phone Personnel

90% of all inbound calls results in a visit.

Selling maintenance agreements to inbound callers.

Turning customers into referral machines.

Is your team meeting or exceeding all of these benchmarks? Imagine  having a team of dedicated associates hitting their benchmarks, making  their goals and bringing in the business you need and want. Imagine having a fine tuned machine that allows you to stop working in the business and begin to focus on the business like others have done. Imagine becoming one of the companies others talk about as the leader… “they do it right.” Mike Treas can get you there.

Mike is a nationally renown speaker and coach working with hundreds of HVAC professionals through his 10 years in the industry. Consulting with Lennox, Service Experts and ISL dealers all across North America Mike has made a name for himself as The HVAC Coach. He is also a published author on subjects ranging from Customer Service and Sales Management to Branding and Closing Techniques. 

Call Mike today to schedule a free phone consultation for your business. Be sure to ask for your free copy of Mike’s 7 Ways to Close More Sales Today . Take advantage of slow times in your business year and begin the training and coaching process TODAY!